Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snake Eyes is not a myth

From time to time, as some of you may know, my creative side gets the better of me and I'll belt out some work that may or may not be worth a crap. That being said, below is a picture I did of the famed character "Snake Eyes" (of G.I.Joe). He's a bad motherfucker and I think this picture captures just that. Enjoy!


Zaki said...

Very nice! Did you read the SNAKE EYES: DECLASSIFIED miniseries with his full origin that just came out?

Paul said...

Yeah, I've been reading it and have been fairly disappointed. They need an entirely new creative team. The artwork is for shit. Amatuer hour. I was drawing like that in the eighth grade on line paper.

You and me Z. Together we could rock the hell out of a Snake Eyes: Declassified series.

Mr. Boy said...

Hey bungholes, I'z can drawed them cartoon pictures up real good too!

I dig the work AK Shirey...(could stand for Alaska...could stand for decide)

Next though, can you draw me the Wolverine or maybe a Darred Evil?

Remember those days that included talks of the three of us opening our own comic/animation type studio? I still have those lists we put together when we were talking about doing our own versions of GI Joe file cards.

Then you both got married...and I was left masturbate, while I cried...what? Wait.

So is that it? Do I have to get married before we can all team up on comic-related endeavors?

Fuck all y'all.

I WAS gonna hook you guys up with some free Ninja Turtles shit...but forget it.

Zaki said...

I agree that the DECLASSIFIED art is pretty weak. Really weak, actually. I think the art on the new AMERICA'S ELITE book is probably some of the best Joe art I've ever seen though.

agent y said...

I like his bangs...

No really, your light (Im not an artist so I am fumbling for words here) representation(?)...that's pretty cool. Youre my new hero.


No, Snake eyes is...

mr pibb+redvine = crazy delicious said...

I agree that the new artwork is crap. I only ever watched GI Joe to see the Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow connections. Oh and to see our US Government award another contract to Cobra cause they were lowest bidder. I mean come on, how many time must Cobra Commander try to take over the world before you stop goving him the "Most favorite trade nation" status. And for that matter, how the fuck can GI Joe never find them. They always have a huge ass cobra outside their base. I think I just went on a rant.


Dude, we were just talking about this in our Stryker during a boring ass patrol the other day: How cool would it be if al-Qaeda went all COBRA on our asses?

Like, okay they already got the head honcho name recognition (bin Laden = Cobra Commander, Zarqawi = Destro, al-Zawahiri = Dr. Mindbender). They already get their asses beat like constantly. All they need is a bitchin' symbol to wear on their blue mandresses (which I think you Paul should design for them) and a bunch of crappy tanks and jets that blow up after one shot. They'd have to abandon the whole "blow themselves up" thing though cause everyone knows Cobra only is able to maintain their ranks because no one ever dies EVER. They'd parachute out of the space shuttle if you painted it with SAM radar. I dunno, I think it's an idea whose time has come. al-COBRAAAAAAAAA!!!!

my word verification was VaGiNaGeRshon


By the way, Snake Eyes is way kewl. If I get my face melted off over here, I'm totally gonna dress like him the rest of my life. I ain't gonna walk around the mall looking like a freakin' orc. I'm gonna look like a freakin' bad ass mofo who just so happens to shop at American Eagle Outfitters for black cargo pants. Plus, I'd dump the Uzis (totally 80's) for something a little more modern and up to date, like twin H&K MP7s with an FN USG FiveSeveN 5.7mm silenced orgasm of death. I saw that gun at the P/X over midtour leave. I'm SO buying it when I get back. 20 round clips, baby.

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