Sunday, May 21, 2006

Next to MI:3, this one looks to be my favorite of the summer. I am a big Superman fan and have really gotten into the comics and the TV show "Smallville" in the past year and am really looking forward to this film.

For those not in the know, Superman Returns takes place somewhere after the events of Superman 2 (although they won't be referencing that film in this version). Think of this as a psuedo-sequel/re-imagining of the Superman films.

Bryan Singer, who directed the first two X-Men outings is the director of this one and it looks like he has remained very true to the Superman mythos, not really deviating from anything or changing anything too crazy.

The Superman franchise has gone through a tailspin of attempted incarnations over the past twenty years, none of them getting off the ground (the closest being Tim Burton's crazy vision with a black costumed Superman portrayed by Nicolas Cage).

While the producers struggled to find the right creative team (with a laundry list of directors coming and going from the project) they settled on Singer, confident in his vision, follow through, enthusiasm, and reputation for doing justice to comic book material (a la X-Men)

Anyways, check out this trailer (the third and final one, I'm guessing). It's worth watching just for the last five seconds. Enjoy!


Zaki said...

Superman! Yay!

mr pibb+redvine = crazy delicious said...

This movie is going to be awesome. Just like Batman Returns, if they explore the darker side of Superman and get him pissed off I think they are going to have a winner. The black uniform Nicholas Cage one would have been horrible.

Mr. Boy said...

I remember a night where we all went to Zaki's house to watch the first Superman and you did nothing but tease him about it.

Big fan my Irish/German ass. =)

You should read the Batman/Superman books (if you haven't already). I really dig the Public Enemies one drawn by Ed McGuinness.