Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Silent Hill" poster design contest

Alright, so every now and again a contest will come along that's right up my alley. This one is actually more than up my alley, it's parked right in my front lawn.

Columbia/Sony pictures has this really sweet contest for their release of the film "Silent Hill," which is based on the video game of the same name. I've never played the game, but I hear it's actually pretty scary.

Anyways, "Silent Hill" is directed by Christopher Gans, who also made "Brotherhood of the Wolf" which is a pretty freakin' awesome film. So, that makes taking part in this contest even cooler. The script is also written by Roger Avery, who co-wrote "Pulp Fiction" and directed the film "Killing Zoe," two kick-ass films.

The contest is to design a movie poster for the film with supplied photos. Below is my design. I submitted it already and hopefully they've accepted it. If they have, then on Jan. 4, 2006 they will take a vote at the website for the winner. (They did the same contest for the first Resident Evil movie years ago)

So, if you love me, or even just think I'm okay, you'll go and vote for my design on Jan. 4. That would be swell. The prize is 2,500 plus free movie passes. I'd just like to win, but we'll see. If they didn't accept my design for whatever reason, then I guess it's a bust. But, here's to hopin'.

To visit the site:


Anonymous said...

You're going to win this and buy momma a new Coach purse.(the brown one with the patchwork)

agent Y said...

I am guessing we will find out if you won this...